LARA is a gamechanger for pharmaceutical marketing.

A powerful AI that saves time and money while reducing risk.

Who Uses LARA?

LARA is intended to be used by anyone upstream of the MLR process: marketers, brand managers, copywriters, or editors. LARA can also be used by agencies to help streamline content creation.

How LARA Works

1. Upload

Log in to LARA in your web browser, attach your files, and click ”upload”. You can leave LARA and take care of other tasks while you wait, LARA will read your content for you and send you an email when complete!

2. Get Comments

The custom-built AI will analyze your content line by line, searching for possible compliance issues. LARA will have suggestions for you in moments, covering common errors that slow down the MLR review, including categories such as claims accuracy, safety information, references, and editorial issues.

3. Revise & Repeat

Make changes to your content and re-upload, further refining your piece until it is ready to go. With your content cleaned up before MLR, marketers enjoy drastically accelerated promotional review and increased time to spend on revenue generating activities!


LARA has high accuracy in identifying errors in your content and it does so in minutes. It learns and understands the nuances of your brand so you can move fast through MLR. Your team can stop spending hours searching for the right references or checking everything manually, LARA’s got it covered.


It’s easy- we do all the work for you. With LARA, no catalog needs to be maintained and there is no need for a client SOP to be created and updated. LARA can be up and running in 4 weeks, seamlessly integrating into your existing ways of working without any complex IT setup, extensive training, or process redesign.


We have an agile process for evolving our AI to meet customer needs, and evolving regulatory guidance and regulations. General updates are released monthly to ensure we maintain excellent accuracy, and LARA can easily be updated with new brand guidelines if anything changes on your brand.