Lithero welcomes summer interns Remi Filippini and Richmond Mensah to our team!

Richmond Mensah is from Yeadon, Philadelphia, and is a student at Swarthmore College. As a rising Junior, he is currently completing his double major in Computer Science and Economics. For the future, he is looking to work at the intersection of engineering and business. He was excited to start his Machine Learning internship at Lithero because he has a heightened interest in the computer software industry. At Lithero, he is primarily responsible for collecting data for the purpose of researching and developing a natural language similar to LARA. After collecting sentences from FDA approved drug campaigns, websites, and brochures, his ultimate goal will be designing a classifier model that will be able to take a sentence and classify it as a drug claim, reference, or non-claim. Aside from school and work, he is a talented musician, and loves to play the sax and clarinet. He has been in concert band, jazz band, and the marching band.



Remi Filippini is from Chestnuthill, Philadelphia, and is currently a student athlete at Colgate University. She played D1 field hockey through out her collegiate career, and plans on participating in the School of Economics at the University of Edinburgh for her senior Fall semester. Last summer, she interned as a recruiting specialist for Concord Management Group, where she helped identify new candidates for C-level positions in the Life Science Industry. Therefore, she was excited to start her Commercial Operations internship at Lithero, in order to learn about AI’s importance in the marketing compliance process of biopharma products. She is primarily responsible for assisting with research and tracking of potential clients and companies, writing profiles, assisting with the revamp of Lithero’s social media presence, and attending weekly company and client meetings. When she is not in school or working, she enjoys scuba diving. She has been a certified diver since she was 12 years old.