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Use AI to enable agile marketing.

We’ve been listening to commercial leaders in life sciences...

“We once saw content cycle in compliance review for nearly a year.”

– Head, Regulatory Affairs Top 5 Biopharma Company

“There are so many basic routing checkpoints – I look forward to the day I can focus on my area of expertise.”

– Executive Director, Medical Affairs Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Compliance is so tough it feels like creativity comes to pharma to die.”

– Director, Mid-sized Pharmaceutical Company

We hear you.

With emerging trends like omnichannel marketing and modular content, the volume of content needed has never been higher. Promotional content has historically been slowed by Medical Legal Review, but it doesn’t have to be this way- what if you could accelerate your MLR process? You could use that extra time to focus on being more agile, executing omnichannel, and improving customer engagement. Focus your MLR on strategic discussions.

Meet LARA®

LARA® is an extra set of eyes on your promotional content and the first tool of its kind for pharma marketers. Upload your content to LARA® and get results in minutes- custom suggestions covering common medical claims, safety, editorial, reference, and regulatory issues to improve quality before wasting precious reviewer time.

Uploading your content to LARA® is as simple as clicking a button. It’s easy to implement; we do the work for you. LARA® can be up and running in just three days, working seamlessly with modular content development, cross-functional teams, and any of your other existing workflows.

Using LARA® to screen your content, manage your claims, and analyze your marketing gives you a leg up on your competitors. In addition to increasing speed to market, LARA® frees up your team to focus on the customer.