Get More Done: Use AI to check your content.

Managing Promotional Compliance costs the Life Sciences Industry countless hours and more than $20 billion annually.

Lithero’s AI enables the Life Sciences industry to optimize time and budget without increasing risks.

The Challenge


Managing Promotional Compliance is Intensely Manual, Time Consuming, and Expensive.


Inefficiency Costs Money

“We once saw content cycle in compliance review for nearly a year.”


– Head, Regulatory Affairs

Top 5 Biopharma Company


Manual Processes Waste Time

“There are so many basic routing checkpoints – I look forward to the day I can focus on my area of expertise.”


– Executive Director, Medical Affairs

Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company


Revision Costs Drain Budgets

“The costs are extremely high, but we’ve just gotten used to paying them.”


– Marketing Manager

Top 5 US Pharmaceutical Company

The Lithero Solution

LARA — the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant

Learns and Improves

Speeds Up Content Delivery

Dramatically Reduces Spending

Frees Internal and External Staff to Focus on Priorities

Increases Quality of Marketing Content

Is Accessible Anytime, Anywhere