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LARA® Review is an extremely powerful tool that reviews your content for medical, legal, regulatory, and editorial accuracy. Find and fix errors earlier with actionable suggestions brought to you by AI.

"Everyone else is just a wrapper on off-the-shelf AI.”

— Director at Top 10 Pharma


Upload marketing pieces to LARA Review to check for claims accuracy, safety issues, reference issues and more- with results in moments. LARA even checks for any available approved references you could use in your pieces, linking you directly to them with no manual intervention required.


Send review jobs to other team members and leave comments on LARA’s suggestions to discuss feedback. You can also upload new versions of the same file to create a trackable version history.


With LARA Review, tedious manual processes are automated, freeing up your teams for other tasks. Easily create high quality, accurate marketing materials that get through MLR with less rework.


With LARA Review Pro, your review assistant will show you nonstandard images and images missing associated claims and safety. Avoid even more rework cycles with LARA Review Pro.

Features Lithero EY Redmarker Next (Indegene) SecureCHEK AI Deloitte Xybion
25-point compliance screening with actionable suggestions
Reference checking & suggested references
Logo checking
Side by side version comparison
Turnkey setup – no client resources, no business rules, minimal upfront investment
Auto creation & maintenance of claims library with references, safety, explanatory text, claim types, indications, and audience (no manual intervention)
Avg. review time under 30 seconds per page
>90% accuracy on day 1 (Lara teaches itself and improves with each review)
Allows collaborative review with commenting
Claims Research Library & Review Annotate available in 3 days and Review available in 4 weeks
Auto generated annotations for tracing claims to source materials, cited references, and suggested references
Ability to integrate via API with existing systems (e.g., Veeva, Adobe etc.)

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LARA Review FAQs

If you have a need to produce high quality compliant content at scale, LARA Review is for you.
LARA is built by former life sciences professionals for life sciences professionals to rely on while creating and editing branded content. Whether you're a copywriter, editor, marketer, or involved in brand promotion in any way, LARA Review will be your new go-to.

LARA products are all priced a la carte so you can build a package that works for you. All plans include unlimited users, access to plugins and more. There are 3 plans to choose from:
  • Monthly: For brands with more variable marketing volume that want the flexibility to cancel month to month.
  • Annual: For brands that are confident in the volume of marketing work for the year.
  • Enterprise: For brands that are part of an organization that has a significant annual commitment.

LARA (Lithero Artificial Review Assistant) is a set of neural networks that learns the ins and outs of your brand from your existing approved content. Relationships between claims, safety information, references, indications, and audiences are mapped by LARA to ensure consistency and accuracy.