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LARA vs Veeva® Claims Libraries

  • 14X ROI
  • 90% of your approved claims with associated safety, references, explanatory text, indications, audience, and claim type catalogued in 3 days
  • 100% traceability of LARA identified claims to source materials and observed references
  • 26 accuracy checks
    • 3 review checks for claims accuracy
    • 4 review checks for safety accuracy
    • 10 review checks for references and explanatory text accuracy
    • 8 review checks for editorial accuracy
  • Auto-generated reference suggestions for substantiating claims (no manual linking required)
  • Auto-generated annotations for claims (no manual Adobe comments required)
  • Auto-maintenance of LARA’s brand knowledge (no manual spreadsheets required)
  • Daily comparison of brand content to top Google searches
  • On-demand comparison of competitor messaging
  • Easy-as-pie UI

  LARA® Veeva® Claims Libraries
Usability Intuitive, elegant interface Difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for
Setup LARA Research ready in 3 days; no need for 3rd party IT firm Requires 3rd party IT support
Support Fast, easily accessible and included in the price of LARA Hard to reach
Automation No manual effort required! Claims are automatically learned and linked to relevant references, explanatory text, and safety information Does not have this capability, all done manually
Claims Maintenance Automated Manual and costly
Claims Traceability See the claim within the source asset See the claim as a unique record, not in context
Reference Anchoring Under 30 seconds per page (approximately 80% time savings per asset) Up to 2 day manual process
Auto Annotations Annotations automatically created for each claim at the click of a button Does not have this capability
Images Check images for accuracy & trace the relationships between claims and images Does not have this capability

*Veeva® is a registered trademark of Veeva Systems Inc.

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