Data Security Policy

Protecting your data and information is extremely important to us. This Data Security Policy (the “Policy”) explains details and policies regarding Lithero’s data and information security.


This Policy refers to all data that Lithero collects from users, customers, vendors, or other parties that provide information to Lithero. Lithero employees, contractors, consultants, partners and any other external entity working with Lithero and granted access to its data also must follow this Policy.

Data Collection

Lithero collects data and information only for lawful purposes. This data and information is collected in a transparent way and only with the full cooperation and knowledge of the entity from which we gather the data or information. Once this data or information becomes available to us, the following rules apply.

Definition of Protected Data and Information

Data Centers

The Lithero platform is hosted in secure data centers. Various security technologies, such as firewalls, are used to restrict access to systems from external networks and between systems internally. Lithero databases are further secured by built-in network and application firewalls.

Application and Network Security

We engage in the following methods to ensure your data is safe:

Data Protection

The data will not be:

Further Obligations

In addition to handling the data safely, Lithero assumes other direct obligations toward the entities to which data belongs. Specifically, in our contracting with data sources, we:

Data Breach Response Procedure

Lithero has established a Data Breach Response Procedure (the “Procedure”) to handle cases of lost, corrupted, or compromised data. This procedure also applies to ransomware. Lithero’s intentions for this Procedure are to focus significant attention on data security and data security breaches and how Lithero’s established culture of openness, trust, and integrity should respond to such activity. Lithero is committed to protecting its customers, employees, and partners from illegal or damaging actions taken by individuals either knowingly or unknowingly.

Operational Security and Enforcement

At Lithero, we believe security is the responsibility of everyone who works for us. We train our employees so they can identify security risks and empower them to take action to prevent bad things from happening. Any Lithero personnel found violating any provision of this Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Our employees have signed confidentiality agreements, and we have the ability to shut off access to information and oversee the return of data in case of data security breach.

Further, access to our systems and your data is restricted to those who need access to provide support or deliver services to you. We sign restrictive agreements with all third parties that work with us and may have access to your data, requiring them to understand and follow the terms of this Policy. Lithero may terminate the network connection of any third-party partner company or subcontractor found violating any provision of this Policy.

Further Questions and Responsibility

Any questions regarding this policy should be referred to Lithero’s CEO ( It is the CEO’s responsibility to ensure this policy is followed. Current as of: 3/2022