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LARA delivers a 368% return on investment.

Based on our conversations with pharmaceutical marketing professionals, LARA can generate...


profitability contribution


internal hours saved
at least

1 less

rework cycle

How do we do it?

LARA drives profitability by reducing billable hours spent on reworking content.

What It Feels Like To Work With Us

It’s not just about the software- we also know that the way we treat our customers is key to your experience. When you reach out to Lithero, we respond quickly. We are natural born problem solvers committed to flexibility and understanding your needs.

More Time, Less Stress

LARA enables you to get a simple promotional piece out the door in weeks, not months. Using LARA means less time revising content, less time in review meetings, and less stress about meeting your deadlines. What would you do with more time?

Customer Impact

LARA improves accuracy of your marketing content and reduces the frequency of errors. Higher quality promotional pieces delivered at digital speed drive higher HCP and HCC engagement. Put your customer first, not the process.