5 Things To Consider When Designing an AI Enabled Modular Content Framework

How to Automate Your Modular Content Framework

Published 11/22/2022 by Rachel Kane

The Life Sciences industry is under pressure to personalize marketing content at scale.  Providers and patients are looking for accurate, immediate data to inform their decisions to prescribe or take a drug – and they do not want to be spammed. 

One way to achieve this objective is by implementing a modular content framework, which many organizations have already begun designing. This is a positive first step; however, they would be remiss if they did not consider integrating artificial intelligence into their design from the start. 

Why you ask?

Because leveraging artificial intelligence to speed up compliant copy creation and to supplement reviewers’ time to approve content is a “must have” not a “nice to have” to meet the demands of increasing volume of content coming out of the modular machine.

So how do you know where to apply AI to realize the most bang for your buck? The simplest answer is as far upstream as possible and at most manual steps. We all wish it were that easy but unfortunately it is not.  Here are some helpful considerations when integrating AI into your modular content framework:
  1. Be aware of the resources and time that you need to set up an AI tool and choose one that suits your needs.  Some AI tools are more automated and faster to setup than others.
  2. Watchout for solutions that are AI wrappers and still require manual intervention such as the creation and maintenance of business rules.
  3. Choose an AI that has an API to connect into your existing martech stack.
  4. Reimagine a future state modular process with artificial assistance in mind – think “what if copywriters had their own personal MLR expert to give objective feedback, based on how the human MLR team reviewed copy in the past?” or “what if editors had a reference assistant or an annotation assistant?” MLR would still be required to give the final approval, but they will also benefit from receiving much cleaner content.
  5. Don’t shy away from innovative partnerships. Get value from AI quickly to speed up module creation, assembly, and approval while also iterating with your AI provider to scale the same core tech to other use cases. A big benefit of AI is that it can scale fast!

If you would like to learn more about integrating AI into your modular framework book a demo to see our AI assistants in action!

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