Claims Libraries: Are They Worth It?

5 Tips To Ensure a Return on Investment

Published 12/07/2022 by Rachel Kane

Rather than creating as many claims libraries as you can by the year end, have you thought about why you are doing this tactic in the first place?  Your answer is most likely:
  1. To have a single source of truth for MLR to use to speed up reviews
  2. To quality check claims prior to MLR to reduce rework cycles and improve profitability
  3. To leverage a preapproved list of claims to create more variations of content faster
  4. To enable consistency of content across markets
All these answers are right.  However, are the levels of speed, quality, and profits you are targeting achievable given the level of effort it takes to create and maintain a single claims library?  At what point will you see impactful returns?

Here are five key considerations when leveraging claims libraries to improve speed, quality, and profitability:
  1. Utilize AI to scan through your approved content to identify valid claims, references, safety, channels, etc. saving you hundreds of manual hours and tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Avoid spreadsheets completely. Digital data sets that are automatically maintained from your DAM will save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and avoid version control issues.
  3. Use the digital data set of claims, references, safety, etc. as far upstream in the content creation process as possible; before content blocks/modules/assembled assets are submitted into your MLR workflow system.
  4. Connect the digital data set into existing design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, etc. to accelerate adoption.
  5. Pilot an AI enabled approach for one brand with the content creation team, marketing team, and marketing operations team. When it has proven to achieve results in speed and quality, (which should take between 30-60 days), design a plan to scale fast and measure the results on profitability along the way. 
If you would like to learn more about improving content speed, quality, and brand profitability book a demo to see our AI in action!

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